David del Ser

Practice Director @ Bankable Frontier Associates

David del Ser is a social entrepreneur turned consultant with a focus on creating mobile products for the Base Of the Pyramid. My career began with tech jobs at both young start-ups and global companies. Afterwards it pivoted to social enterprises that take advantage of the mobile revolution worldwide to benefit the emerging middle classes. David del Ser has incubated Frogtek while studying for an MBA from Columbia. After raising capital from wealthy angels and recruiting a team, he designed and launched Tiendatek, possibly the first app targeting micro-entrepreneurs.
For the last couple of years, he have been working as an advisor and coach to entrepreneurs and other executives within startups in the inclusive FinTech space. Through the Catalyst Fund (http://catalyst-fund.org/), they are supporting 20 early-stage companies throughout the emerging world. And through FIBR (http://www.fibrproject.org/), they have focused on the digitization of microenterprises and the use of the resulting data to drive financial decisions.

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